Dr. Petillo in 1969
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Phillip J. Petillo, an old fashioned craftsman, renaissance man who is known as a Mechanical Engineer, Inventor, Electronics Consultant, Draftsman and a Musician started repairing musical instruments at the age of fourteen, then became interested in making, designing and constructing guitars and stringed instruments of superior quality and originality.  Phillip is a graduate of Columbia University and has his doctorate in Engineering Technology from LaSalle University. While in New York Phillip had the privilege of working and learning from James Diserio, godson of John D'Angelico in his Manhattan workshop.  Since then, he has made, repaired and restored guitars and other instruments for the top professional musicians, recording artists, local and national players, as well as designing products for the international music community.  

Dr. Petillo does restoration work for museums and collectors of antiques as well as restoring vintage and antique harps to their original splendor.  Petillo Masterpiece Guitars also construct, repair and restore all bowed instruments, from simple adjustments to most complex carving of tops and backs, constructing necks repairing cracks, making bridges and fingerboards, as well as rehairing bows.  PMG also offers a complete line of acoustic, electric and bass guitar strings wound to Dr. Petillo's specifications and comprised of a proprietary combination of alloys for superior tone and durability.  Orders are taken from around the globe.

Since 1994, David M. Petillo has on the fine art of making stringed instruments.  David specializes in Marquetry, Mother-of-Pearl, Abalone, Ivory and fine inlays of custom designs.  David's work compliments the artistry of the Petillo legacy of instrument making.  An accomplished musician in his own right, David is a student majoring in Music Industry at Monmouth University in New Jersey.

Over the past 30 years of construction, repairing and restoring stringed instruments, Petillo Masterpiece Guitars and Accessories has constructed over 792 instruments.  Repaired, restored and refretted thousands of stringed instruments from guitars to Uds, Bellalankas to Gambas, to Harps and the list goes on and on. All the woods we use are from 20 to 100 years old.  They have to be aged for the sound to be accurate.  Our woods are naturally air-dried to insure the proper moisture balance.  The wood comes to us in log form and is then quatersawn to our needs.  Tight grained woods are the best because of their strength and resiliency.  Pieces with matching grain patterns are used for the back and corresponding sides of our instruments to give an equal tonal response.  PMG's stock of lumber ranges from Brazilian Rosewood, Amazon Mahogany, Bird's Eye Maple, Curly Maple, German Silver Spruce and Nigerian Ebony with supplies of hand-crafted mother-of-pearl inlays and hand cut wooden marquetry made to specification.

We are worldwide with clients in just about every country.  Please keep in mind, we are Luther's, Engineers and Inventors, not parts assemblers!  We hand make all of our components to suit you the musician.  We pride ourselves in our unique, creative individuality and fine artistry. Appraisals and Gift Certificates are available.  For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Dr. Petillo is developing several new and innovative products for now and the future.  All licensing of Petillo Products is handled through Phil-Lu Inc.  Contact Lucille A. Petillo, CEO for further information at (732) 531-6808 or fax her at (732) 531-3045   Phillip is also available to do informational lectures on wood technology, inlays, marquetry, stringed musical instruments and the history of guitars.

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