Dr. Petillo in 1969
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  • American Society for Metal (ASM) 1973

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Senior Member) 1977

  • Society of Plastics-Engineers, Inc. December 1978

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Associate Member) 1978

  • American Plywood Association March 11, 1982

  • American Chemical Society (ACS) April 1985

  • America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals 1989

  • Who's Who of American Inventers 1992

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science September 7, 1993

  • American Welding Society October 1, 1996

  • ASM International-The Materials Information Society August 1999

  • The Trustees of Columbia University-In the City of New York Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Presented by President Shamone J. Wigina May 10, 1969

  • The Trustees of Columbia University-In the City of New York Masters of Industrial Science Presented by Dean of the Faculties of the College of Engineering George K. Franpkel May 1975

  • American Plywood Association- Awards Honorary Coarse Completion in Plywood Technology Presented by Executive Vice President Bronson J. Lewis May 11, 1982

  • Bourns University Graduate Degree in Electronic Components Presented by Gary J. Fowey President of the Board of Regents August 30, 1984

  • Eastern Virgina Graduate School of Medicine of the Medical College of Hampton Roads Honorary Bachelor in Science Presented by President Dr. Samuel McGall May 1984

  • Instruments and Control Systems Magazine Senor/Transducer Coarse Honorary Coarse Completion Presented by Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Jack Hickey October 20, 1986

  • United States Navy - Naval Military Personnel Command Coarse Completion of Military Relations Presented by Captain Joseph Winarsky March 27, 1991

  • LaSalle University of Philadelphia Doctor of Engineering Technology Presented by Thomas J. Kirk II June 1992

  • LaSalle University of Philadelphia Adjunct Professor of Engineering Presented by Thomas J. Kirk II August 1992

  • North American Housing Corporation Conferes Registered Builder Status Presented by President R. Carl Benna January 15, 1998

  • Who's Who In Technology Today Award for Contributions In Discipline of Advanced Technology Presented by Chairman of Selection Committee Donald Hades 1980

  • (ACS) American Chemical Society In recognition of Research, Craftsmanship, and Dedication to Education Presented by Dr. Jim Mack May 1985

  • Brielle Galleries Hall of Fame Invitational Award for World Recognition in the Fine Art of Marquetry and Stringed Musical Instruments 1985

  • The American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural and Commemorative Invitational Dinner of George Herbert Walker Bush as President of the United States of America and James Danforth Quayle as Vice President of the United States of America for the contribution to Art and Music in the restoration of stringed instrument for the Smithsonian Museum Presented by The American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural Committee Co. Chairmen Robert Braxton Holt and Penne Percy Korth January 20, 1989

  • IBM Design Excellence Award: for Research Engineering Presented by Mary C. Warih May 11, 1989

  • IBM International Relations Award Presented by Chairman of the Board B. Pinta February 2, 1990

  • Burlington County Serra Club: for outstanding achievement in the field of Engineering Presented by G.T. Miller November 12, 1990

  • Johnson & Johnson Recognition of Excellence in Medical and Surgical Instrumentation Presented by Donald S. Stevens July 1, 1991

  • New Jersey Pride Award: for outstanding contribution to the State of New Jersey in Science and Technology Presented by Governor Jim Florio May 7,1992

  • Nordic Track Inventor Award in Exercise Physiology: for the use and production of the Abdominal Device June 1992

  • Who's Who of American Inventors Honorary Inductee for work in Science and Technology Presented by Editor and Publisher Roger B. Hayden 1992

  • R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most Technologically Significant New Products of the Year- for development and mass production of the Hydraulic Powered Surgical Device Presented by Chairman of R&D Tim Studt 1998

  • State of New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology Awards Grant in "A New High Energy Borohydride Air Cell for Powering Tomorrow’s Vehicles and Appliances." Present by Governor Christine Todd Whitman December 22, 2000

  • The New Jersey Columbus Day 2001 Committee Confers-The Christopher Columbus Award of Excellence in Outstanding Life Achievements, Accomplishments, and Pride In Our Italian American Heritage, Culture, and Traditions Presented by Publisher of the Italian Tribute News A.J. Fortunato

  • America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals Honors the Leadership and Dedication to the Life Accomplishments in Science and Technology 2002

  • New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame pays tribute to indivduals and coporations that have made New Jersey the "Invention State." Honors The Petillo Precision Fret for outstanding achievement for some of the biggest names in music. June 23, 2004 Presented by Governor James E. McGreevey